We offer:

  • L-T-L Freight shipping services
  • 24/7 Dispatch services
  • 24/7 Load tracking available within 2 clicks
  • Brand new equipment
  • Safe drivers

Get your truck within few hours

  • Dock high available
  • Air-ride equipped
  • “Non-commercial” service at pickup or delivery
  • Faster than mail
  • Convenient price

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Obvious that sometimes it’s hard to find good broker or transportation company that match your needs, it’s easy with us because we are flexible and our fleet and established carrier network allows us to cover high volume of loads. Everyone knows that complex logistics chains often fail due to excessive chain links, remove them from your chain, work directly with carriers. With Lotex  you will get best  load delivery experience.

About us

Lotex LLC has great logistics team that include a lot of experienced members. We can cover any amount of the shipments because we are linked with other the same responsible carriers as we are.

L-T-L (less-than-truckload) shipping services can save you money and provide you with a number of accessorial services typically not offered by full truckload carriers. It allows you to choice transit time of your load, shipment can be delivered even faster than mail. Our trucks can be loaded both from the dock and from the ground. All fleet is air-ride equipped.

The Safest Distance Between Two Points.